Romanian Wedding Beliefs

A marriage is one of the few periods when romanian individuals truly go all out and clothing up. Fancy matches for males, dresses and gowns for women and coiffed hair and extensive nails are all the standard. The occurrence is also a time to bring items of money and displays for the bride and groom, which they collect as they leave the church and dining reception.

After the pie is served a particular dancing known as “hora” is performed. The wife and all sexual customers start to party. Men can subscribe but they have to give a small sum of money and the collected amount goes to the wife.

Close to the end of the ceremony reception a history is performed whereby the bride’s aunt takes off the marital veil. The bride is supposed to hesitate and ‘ battle’ against it ( three periods at least ) and then she is eventually allowed to take off the blanket. This is to represent the move from a lady to a committed lady who will take care of her spouse and coming children.

If you are invited to a romanian marriage you can expect a really long evening of dancing and eating. It is not uncommon for the party to last up to 10 hours and there are usually 4 seminars plus snack. It is very important to use comfortable shoes as there will be a lot of dancers and a lot of food and drinks served. There may be special occasions during the bash too such as the single girl who catches the bridal flower and the single man who catches the garter.

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