How to Validate Your App Idea Without Development

Tools And Practices For Validating Your Business Idea For A Software Product

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to pursue your ideas. However, as a businessperson in software, you must have a laser-intense focus on developing products that consumers seek. You may be wondering how to validate all your hypotheses based on Customer journey map and proto personas. The fact is that having conversations with your potential audience allows you to make a useful analysis. This data can then be used to help you find users’ needs, pains, concerns, and motivation. This is more efficient, and less time consuming than simply diving into all the data that you can find. The idea validation process I have outlined may seem time-consuming, but it’s just the beginning of your journey.

  • To know even more about your users’ processes and needs, observe users performing their usual tasks.
  • You must also plan how you’re going to make your idea happen.
  • To minimize development risks, practice continuous deployment, when you develop small sets of functionality iteratively and study the feedback.
  • A targeted group of potential customers that share the same characteristics.
  • The tasks in user testing must be realistic, so that the participant can perform them in real life.
  • Having this information will help you ensure your product is relevant.

I’m not talking about writing a “business plan.” (For startups, a business plan isn’t the best use of time and will change as soon as you start talking with prospective customers). Testing your product with real users can prove invaluable when assessing market validity. If there’s a need in the market, but your product is faulty, complex, or difficult to use, customers may opt for a competitor’s Tools And Practices For Validating Your Business Idea For A Software Product offering. The feedback you get from beta testers can help you better leverage and meet customer needs. Beta testing is when a product is tested by a limited group of real, external users who are specifically told to identify problems. In the case of a software or app, beta testing might be open to the public with a notice letting users know the version they’re testing is unfinished.

Frameworks that Enable Idea Validation

What comes to your contact lens business, your most critical assumption is whether people are willing to make a purchase online as well as the price they’re willing to pay for it. For you it can be an assumption that is most likely to happen, but you can also start with an assumption that has the biggest downside or the worst expected value. Map out all your assumptions regarding your idea and prioritize the one that’s the most critical for your idea to succeed. As already mentioned, there are different ways to validate an idea. The best way to do so depends on the nature of that particular idea.

Tools And Practices For Validating Your Business Idea For A Software Product

When initiating the process, your business model will present you with different options. In this article, we have prepared a separate block for you with an answer to this question.


Before you venture to the markets with your products, you must have substantial data about your product and the market. By using these techniques to validate your product idea, you could have a clear idea about the things you would face in your entrepreneurship journey. The customers today are smart and know that just technical jargon won’t woo them away into buying the products. Your product features need to be more than cool; it has to solve specific problems which can save them money or time for the customer. Experts advise that building a minimum viable product that has features that provide enough value for the customers to buy, would be a great way to start a product.

With these services, you describe the personas whom you want to interview, then get respondents who agree to answer your questions for money. If your target audience is located where you are and you know the people or the organizations that are your potential clients, it’s best to reach out to them and talk in person. But if your audience is located far from you, you have to find a way to reach them and attract their interest. Ask about their processes, problems, and ways they address them. Find out as much as possible about your potential customers’ needs. From surveys, you can find out whether your product is interesting, whether people see it as having direct substitutes, and whether people would potentially buy it. You can think of more specific questions about your product and gather your users’ opinions about it.

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By writing down these problems, you can validate whether customers also see them as problems. And, more importantly, whether customers think they are problems worth solving. Just the simple act of writing forces you to consider things you may have previously glossed over.

What are some validation techniques?

  • Data Type Check. A data type check confirms that the data entered has the correct data type.
  • Code Check. A code check ensures that a field is selected from a valid list of values or follows certain formatting rules.
  • Range Check.
  • Format Check.
  • Consistency Check.
  • Uniqueness Check.

We’ll dive deeper into how you can do market research below; but first, let’s quickly contemplate the second question you’ll need to ask yourself throughout the product validation process. Creating a mobile app is a costly and time-consuming process. If you do not check the idea of the application at the very beginning of your project, you can create an unnecessary solution for the market. But you can avoid all of this if you dare to test your idea. Contact us to validate your app idea and develop a successful solution for your business. Anyway, regardless of your decision, remember that app idea validation is a critical step for the success of your business and cannot be missed out on. We developed the MVP in three months, which helped us quickly launch the product to market.

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